Tree Relocation



  • Maximum-sized Tree Spades

  • 3 Different Sizes of Spade

  • Expert Planning & Feasibility

  • Frame Root Balling Service

  • Qualified Operatives

  • Specialist Aftercare

Tree moving under project management of Hugo Loudon

Tree moving under project management of Hugo Loudon


Equipment and Machinery

Hugo and his team also use the tree spades for his Arboretum Designs and Construction, bringing a creative element to the finished project.

  • The Optimal 1100 moves trees with a 46" (1.1m) diameter rootball. Mounted on cat skid steer. Very manoeuvrable and low impact and site footprint.

  • Big John 65” (1.6m)

  • Our Stocker 8 bladed machine will move a massive 85" (2.16m) diameter rootball; one of or the largest in UK!

For larger, oversized trees, specialised hand root balling techniques are available, making trees weighing 20 tonnes or more viable for relocation, with unique project planning.

Why do we move trees?

For hundreds of years, society has recognised the need to relocate valuable trees in order to harmonise developments and landscapes with human needs. Trees located in inappropriate positions can be moved, releasing them from life-threatening, detrimental suppression and further provide physiological development benefits. This provides opportunities for specimen planting, parkland and new development screening.

Relocation is ecologically sustainable resulting in new landscape tree portfolios. We have saved clients 60-80% on buying in semi-mature specimens on past projects. Tree moving projects require careful planning, recognising each individual species, including its constraints and future requirements. This is undertaken by principle Arboriculturist, Hugo Loudon, who has over 20 years experience.