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At Heritage Tree Services, I have been lucky to surround myself with some extremely talented individuals, many of which have been with us in excess of ten years. I’ve noted over these years, that given the right environment, individuals can evolve into outstandingly talented individuals and team members who support one another, having shared beliefs and goals. I believe we have created a unique working atmosphere in the arboricultural industry.

Individuals have come to us ‘industry trained’ or part way through their education. We would always create a space for the right individuals who fit in and understand the need for continued career development. In 2018 alone, we have invested in excess of £25,000 in safety training and development.

Overall, we will have spent 2,000 hours a year in the work place. Our aim is to make it a highly enjoyable and worthwhile experience, as this investment of time does add up over the years! The result is a fabulous team of great individuals that I’m proud to work alongside.

Be it a long-standing career, or a contracted period of working, we would like to hear from keen individuals who prioritise good arboricultural practice alongside remuneration. The kettle is on for an informal interview and we would love to hear from you, via email, admin@heritagetreeservices.co.uk. Please feel free to contact us to find out about working on our various projects, contributing and providing the UK and International Arboriculture, with excellence.


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