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Sensitive and careful workmanship so as not to induce trauma related disorders to the tree.

Sensitive and careful workmanship so as not to induce trauma related disorders to the tree.


I, Hugo Loudon at Heritage Tree Services, endeavour to provide you with the most up-to-date, professional commitment. All works comply to or exceed British Standard 3998 (2010) and The European Tree Pruning Guide (2005). Careful assessment of every individual tree is formulated prior to a specification of works. Works are only specified if necessary. We are committed to advising clients on works that provide the least stress to trees, yet achieving a client brief, as much as possible, within the scientific capabilities acceptable in modern arboriculture.

Tree Pruning

This can be traumatic for trees and understanding the science and long term implications for any prescription is essential so clients are not left with a long term problem. The misconception of what trees tolerate or what will make them ‘safer’ is one of the biggest travesties from the 1950s onwards. The fledgling industry through lack of knowledge has sadly left irreversible issues. We now are committed to giving our clients the most up to date information and solutions to achieve best practice.

Tree Removal/Felling

Heritage Tree Services specialise in the careful removal of trees in dangerous and confined situations by using sectional felling/modern rigging techniques, sometimes with the use of cranes. Careful project planning and Method Statements are always prepared before the commencement of works.

Canopy Reduction & Lifting

Canopy reduction & lifting is used to reduce the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree allowing more light to pass through and to reduce wind resistance or to lessen weight of heavy branches. It may also be used to improve access beneath. Common practice is 2.5m for pedestrians and 5m for vehicles, whilst maintaining the tree's natural shape as far as possible and avoiding large wounds and decay ingress. This can be stressful for a tree so a sensitive prescription is desirable.

Canopy Thinning

Removal of dead, diseased, broken, crowded, weakly attached and low-vigour branches as well as climbing plants (e.g. ivy). This service encourages balance by adjusting the tree shape to improve canopy form. Thinning is measured by a specific percentage where pruning takes place.


It is possible to assist weak trees by the installation of a variety of cable bracing options offering extra support and stability where natural or biomechanical internal weaknesses exist. We also build bespoke props.

Holistic Tree Care

Trees often have to deal with the stress of the built-up urban infrastructure. To build up natural energy (vitality), we offer mulching, Terraventing and Vertimulching, creating a more natural environment and dealing with specific issues, such as soil compaction and nutrient deficiency. Careful assessment and research is always carried out prior to recommendations. Creating a natural less sanitised rooting environment is a massively underrated initiative.