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Semi-mature Lime Avenue installed in Fingest, Oxfordshire in 2009

Semi-mature Lime Avenue installed in Fingest, Oxfordshire in 2009

Why do people use us for planting?

7 tonne small leaf Lime ready for planting

7 tonne small leaf Lime ready for planting

Our advisory consultation, design, supply and planting services are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. The planting team are passionate, experienced and fully equipped to meet your needs. Whether that is one special tree, hedging, screening for privacy or planting hundreds of trees. We have a wealth of over 30 years of experience both designing and working on projects in the UK and abroad.  

 Our Managing Director extensively travels checking quality and bio-security issues over Europe to ensure the best trees from the best nurseries are available for our clients. We have subsequently built up numerous trustworthy relationships, effectively sister nurseries that cater for our specialist and specific needs.

What are the benefits of trees?

Trees are the largest and oldest single living element of our built and natural environment. The benefits of trees have never had so much significance in terms of contribution towards humans and their built-up urban areas. Evaporation, shade and heat reflection can greatly reduce the temperature in towns. Tree lined avenues, parks and woodland all provide sheltered, stimulating and attractive locations to walk and cycle reducing road traffic and improving our wellbeing. The planting and care of trees can draw a community together. Providing an outdoor classroom in which to study, play and explore. They provide habitat, shelter and diversity of an area and support a wide variety of mammals, birds and insects.


Design & Advisory Service

You may have an individual species in mind, or a whole collection of trees that you would enjoy in your garden. You may wish one of our professional tree designers to help with practical considerations of soil type, shading, size, and a creative scheme based around your brief.

These can be drawn up in our office after a site visit and detailed consultation; with easy to understand species keys and written proposals.

A grand scheme can be drawn up by our senior designer. From individual to multiple tree schemes including, hedging (semi-mature) and native more ecologically based designs.

Riverside planting scheme

Riverside planting scheme

Supply, Deliver and Plant

We have a long association and involvement with some of the best nurseries in the UK & Europe. We can ensure high quality plants are selected, checked for bio-security issues, supplied, and planted with after-care. We have our own custom-built fleet and experienced drivers to deliver the trees.

By not having a specific nursery - mainly a holding area, we can reduce costs to the client and this has worked very well for many years.

The handling, unloading, and after care are imperative for the successful planting of trees in their ultimate establishment, this is of paramount importance and our custodian scheme. We try to be involved until the tree is finally established. It’s difficult to let go!

With such services we can turn a small urban space into a beautiful tree garden.

Semi-mature hedging proving very popular

Semi-mature hedging proving very popular

 Supply Only Option ‘large & small trees’

We have private clients who really know their trees and have great vision. Clients which include garden designers and landscape architects ask us to supply and plant as they know quality assurance, inspection and ethics of supply will be thoroughly checked.

After Care Service

How often should I water my tree? How do I know it is sufficiently watered?

“if you’re thirsty, your tree probably is too!”

  • Once planted, the tree will need consistent moisture throughout the growing season from the end of May to the end of October. Not large amounts of water, just every now and then.

  • The summer months often provide a tough dry month or two. Typically, a water three times a week, for 3 minutes with a hosepipe over the planted root zone will aid the tree to continue growing.

  • Avoid watering foliage in full sun, as the heat can scorch the leaves.

  • You should be able to put your hand underneath the woodchip mulch at the base of each tree and it should be moist, not wet. If dry, increase amount of water.  If wet, decrease.

Bespoke Watering Service

We have found that watering can be incredibly underrated occasionally, we can therefore take on the responsibility to keep the trees we have planted for you healthy and growing. We can advise a competent individual and provide training where required. This service is designed to take the worry out of establishing your new trees.

Succession Planting for Historical Landscapes

When we design, we like to consider the sylvian history of lost trees and incorporate some replication. This combined with some fresh ideas within the character and period of landscape and architecture can look fabulous. We have been lucky enough to carry out restoration works on three Lancelot Capability Brown sites.