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Veteran & Ancient Management

The last 16 years has seen a vast improvement in management techniques of Europe’s most comprehensive collection of ‘…gentle giants’ to quote Ted Green MBE, founder of the Ancient Tree Forum that resides in the British Isles. He adds ‘…man’s passion for ancient trees is boundless, touching all walks of life, professions and classes in society and is a continuous thread through our society and its history’.

Here at Heritage Tree Services Ltd, we recognise the vulnerability, fragility and potential for irreversible errors in the ancient ‘Jewel in the Crown’ veteran trees. If not preserved through correct management, they will not succeed into longevity. The accurate evaluation of ancient and veteran trees, together with principles and procedures to prolong their lives, formulating flexible, long-term management programmes, cannot be undervalued. Continuity of habitat and associated species is combined with specialist inspections to produce detailed assessments of individual communities of trees and their physiological environments.

We are proud to work for clients who have some of the most important collections of such trees in the UK. Our consultants at Heritage Tree Services Ltd maintain their commitment to protect and upkeep the countries senior tree populations

Harry Potter Cedar at Blenheim Palace 02aHarry Potter Cedar at Blenheim Palace 03a
Brace installation of Veteran ‘Harry Potter’ Cedar at Blenheim Palace
as below. 

Our Mantra

Our conscious responsibility towards one of the world's most valuable natural resources ensures thorough, professional, devoted commitment, helping tree owners to understand the silent physiological needs of trees. Harmonising the treescape with the built-up urban environment requires a dedication above and before financial considerations.


"Could I take this opportunity to say how pleased I was with the work, in particular, the cleaning up as I know the weather conditions that afternoon were pretty awful"
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