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Stump Grinding & Woodchip

CHIPPING AND RECYCLING TREE WASTE & WOODCHIP FOR SALEservices tree stump chipping mulch recycling
Debris being loaded into our whole tree, crane fed Chipper and the operator with stump grinder removing the remaining stump by efficiently grinding, rather than digging, the roots down.

Machinery & Equipment


20" Vermeer BC 1400XL Tree Chipper (250HP): Our crane fed chipper is able to break down whole trees into reusable woodchip. All of our operatives are fully qualified.

Stump Grinders

Carlton Stump Grinder: Our tracked low ground disturbance stump grinder is remotely controlled to manoeuvre into awkward positions and alongside buildings. It is used to grind out stumps in situ, leaving arisings in the cavity to naturally break down in the soil. Although the equipment is controlled remotely, our operatives are fully trained and qualified.


Ground Mats: Our ground mats interlock to create a temporary vehicular trackway for our massive lorries, unimogs, diggers and machinery in order to distribute weight evenly. These recyled mats provide low ground disturbance over lawns and rooting areas.
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Our Mantra

Our conscious responsibility towards one of the world's most valuable natural resources ensures thorough, professional, devoted commitment, helping tree owners to understand the silent physiological needs of trees. Harmonising the treescape with the built-up urban environment requires a dedication above and before financial considerations.


"Nick and his partner were quick, efficient and tidy - and generally nice to have around!"
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