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 Heritage Tree Services


Heritage Tree Services provide professional arboricultural services to include site visits, preliminary assessments and health & safety surveys by qualified arborists/consultants. The complete programme may include specialised tree surgery, amenity tree management and tree relocation options.
We also present friendly, informed advice, local authority planning liason and project development guidance.
We offer traditional or contemporary bespoke design, supply and installation of semi-mature trees, hedging/screening and urban tree planting solutions.
All works are carried out to current British Standards. Please browse our services below for more information.

Tree Surgery & Maintenance

home tree maintenance chainsaw safety helmet equipment

  • Holistic, Veteran & Ecological
  • Tree Management / Surgery
  • Tree Removal/Felling
  • Canopy Reduction/Lifting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Bracing & Stability Solutions

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Consultancy Service

heritage tree services Consultant 01a

  • VTA Safety Audits
  • BS5837 (2012) Surveys
  • Method Statements
  • Tree Impact Assessment
  • Tree Disease Diagnosis
  • Resistograph & Picus Tests

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Veteran & Ancient Management

The last 16 years has seen a vast improvement in management techniques of Europe’s most comprehensive collection of ‘…gentle giants’ to quote Ted Green MBE, founder of the Ancient Tree Forum that resides in the British Isles. He adds ‘…man’s passion for ancient trees is boundless, touching all walks of life, professions and classes in society and is a continuous thread through our society and its history’.

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Structured & Specific Site Clearance

With the inevitable, yet resolvable conflict of harmonising trees, vegetation and society needs, our clients must feel safe in the hands of informed and responsible contractors. We are unique as a company in that we are also consultants, with in-house ecologists, to not only assess and report, but supervise and provide required compliance where sensitive sites are identified.

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Tree Relocation

home services tree moving location relocation spade
  • Maximum-sized Tree Spades
  • 4 Different Sizes of Spade
  • Expert Planning & Feasibility
  • Frame Root Balling Service
  • Qualified Operatives
  • Specialist Aftercare

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Stump Grinding & Woodchip

CHIPPING AND RECYCLING TREE WASTE & WOODCHIP FOR SALEservices tree stump chipping mulch recycling
Debris being loaded into our whole tree, crane fed Chipper and the operator with stump grinder removing the remaining stump by efficiently grinding, rather than digging, the roots down.

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Our Mantra

Our conscious responsibility towards one of the world's most valuable natural resources ensures thorough, professional, devoted commitment, helping tree owners to understand the silent physiological needs of trees. Harmonising the treescape with the built-up urban environment requires a dedication above and before financial considerations.


"Thank you very much Hugo to all the guys for a job well done. It was a huge task in a confined space and it was carried out with great care for the garden and plants therein."
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